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Statistics About Extracurricular Activities

Although participation rates vary by state, a recent survey found that most children participated in at least one extracurricular activity. In fact, over two-thirds of children aged six to 17 were involved in extracurricular activities. However, the percentages vary considerably by income level. For example, children from low-income families are less likely to participate in extracurricular activities than their peers from higher-income families. In some states, the percentage of children participating in extracurricular activities is much higher than the national average.

A recent survey of high school seniors found that almost every public high school offered extracurricular activities. The most popular activities included performing arts, sports and athletics, honors societies, publications, student government, and academic clubs. The survey also showed that professional and hobby clubs were less common, and less prevalent among students with low socioeconomic status.

In addition to these statistics, parents of school-age children report that it is easy to find after-school activities in their community. While sports may be the most common extracurricular activity for kids, at least half of them also reported their children doing volunteer work. In addition to school activities, parents of school-age children are likely to take their children to religious classes, dance lessons, or other after-school activities. Click here you can also know the kids’ activities platform Bizibuz.

Participation in extracurricular activities has numerous benefits for students. For example, participation in physical activities has been linked with decreased stress and anxiety levels. These activities have also been linked to a better quality of life. A survey of 700 students conducted during a pandemic lockdown in April 2020 found that participation in extracurricular activities is associated with cognitive, social, and well-being benefits. Specifically, outdoor exercise, socializing virtually, and listening to music were among the most beneficial for students dstvportal.

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