Signs Your Laptop Has a Virus

There are many symptoms that indicate a laptop has a virus, from the system’s general slowness to a sudden drop in performance. Though slow performance is not a definite sign of a virus, it can be an indicator that your machine is being used by a hacker to send spam, mine cryptocurrencies, or otherwise cause you problems.

Unwanted pop-ups are another sign that your computer may have a virus. Often, these pop-ups come from websites that contain illegal content. You can usually block these pop-ups by adjusting your browser settings. Your computer may also be unresponsive or keep rebooting unexpectedly. The problem could be caused by misconfigured applications that are hogging system resources. For these reasons, it’s a good idea to run a pop-up blocker.

Slow loading websites and long load times are also signs your computer has a virus. As the virus eats up your computer’s resources, it reduces your battery life. It can also cause your screen to freeze and crash. You may even notice a positive virus scan result. A virus is a malicious program that hijacks your PC and forces it to connect to different websites.

When a virus attacks a computer, it spreads across the files, folders, and drives of the computer. Often, these infections are unnoticed by most users because they do not run 3rd-party antivirus programs, but this doesn’t mean your computer is immune.

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